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We strive to provide you with a security screen door or fly screen system that will meet your individual needs. During the quoting process, we take into account your requests, concerns and outcomes, and offer solutions that will give you outstanding security from intruders and pests. We believe in providing high-quality yet affordable solutions to protect your home and family. We ensure all quoting is clear and straightforward, with no hidden costs or fees, providing you with an experience free from complication.


We provide you with our in-house licenced installers who are fully trained, amicable and courteous. We ensure that we arrive at your Mandurah home or business at the scheduled appointment time, pledging that all tasks are carried out with little to no disruption to your home. We take care to respect your time and space and ensure we have open communication with you throughout the whole process.

We are Suppliers of ScreenGuard™ Security Screens

ScreenGuard™ is an Australian-designed and manufactured security mesh system, used on doors and windows to protect you and your family from unwanted visitors, without obstructing your view.

ScreenGuard™ is a system created by Darley Aluminium, Australia’s Number 1 Aluminium Supplier! All systems are designed and engineered to meet and exceed the current Australian Standards (AS 5039-2008), ensuring the highest safety and quality.

The ScreenGuard™ stainless steel security mesh is manufactured from 316 marine grade stainless steel providing you with outstanding door and window security. ScreenGuard™’s patented Stainless Steel Mesh System can be used on a range of windows and doors, including fixed windows, sliding windows, servery windows, as well as hinged, sliding and screen-fold doors, and patio enclosures.

The Benefits of ScreenGuard™

  • Uses anti-corrosion stainless steel
  • Manufactured from taut wire mesh
  • UV-protected clear coating to ensure longevity
  • Resistant to mesh removal
  • Patented ribbed design provides additional strength and protection from intruders
  • Bushfire tested and rated for BAL 40
  • Tested and rated for Australian Standards AS 5039-2008 and AS1530.4-2014 App. B7

ScreenGuard™ Product Testing includes:

  • Dynamic Impact Tested and Approved
  • Anti-Jemmy Tested and Approved
  • Knife Shear Tested and Approved
  • Child Fall Prevention Tested and Approved
  • Bush Fire Tested and Approved
  • Fire Attenuation Tested and Approved

Sliding & Hinged Security Doors & Windows

Perfect for doors and windows alike, our 316 stainless steel sliding security screens keep your home safe and secure. Our security screens come in 2 access options, a sliding security screen and a hinged security screen. These are both perfect for homeowners with pets, as they are durable and will provide the complete safety of a standard double-bolted door. You can now allow your pets to have fun outside with the benefit of easy-to-install pet doors within our security mesh, allowing you to keep your house secure while keeping it cool throughout the summer months. The additional benefit of our security mesh is that it does not obstruct your view, so you can keep a watchful eye on kids and pets playing outside, all from the comfort of inside your home.

Product Details:

Security Screen Door Mandurah

0.8mm 316 Structural Marine Grade Stainless Steel Woven Mesh, powder coated black.

Security Screens Mandurah

Heavy duty aluminium framing, custom built to suit your uPVC, Timber of Aluminium windows and doors.

Security Windows Mandurah

3 Point locking system and mullion-to-door interlocking, for ultimate security.

Security screen door Mandurah

Solid aluminium corner bracing and reinforcement

Security Screens Mandurah

Pet Doors available in 3 different sizes

Security Windows Mandurah

Extensive aluminium frame powder-coating colour selection

uPVC colour range includes Pearl White (ideal for white frames), White Lustre (ideal for cream frames) and Anoteck Dark Grey (ideal for anthracite frames)

Retractable Fly Screens

If you are looking for a less heavy-duty approach to screening your doors and windows against flies and pests, our variety of fly screen options is a great choice for you! Retractable Fly Screens are used for windows and are the perfect solution if you want to have semi removable barrier from insects. Subtle and discreet are the highlights of this product, as they can be rolled away when windows are closed, and only roll them out when you want your windows open. We have retractable fly screen options; Pull-Down Retractable Screen and Pull-Across Retractable Fly Screen.

Product Details:

Perfect for awning windows, casement windows, sliding windows and sash windows.
Window coverage of up to 1.2m wide x 1.55m high.
There is a 40mm wide cassette at the top of the window that holds and retracts the fly screen mesh.
There is a 40mm wide cassette along the sides of the window, that track down to the window base, to ensure it holds the mesh in place when rolled down, to ensure it can withstand any wind and provide a secure barrier against pests.
uPVC colour range includes Pearl White (ideal for white frames), Shoji White (ideal for cream frames) and Anoteck Dark Grey (ideal for anthracite frames)
Extensive aluminium frame powder-coating colour selection
Large Range of timber frame colours and finishes.

Pleated Fly Screens

Pleated Fly screens are a great option to create an insect barrier for your home while keeping your window and door finishes stylish and discreet. This solution provides a concertina-style fly screen that is sturdy, easy to maintain, easy to operate and folds away when you do not have your doors open. A pleated screen works in the same way as a concertina: by using the folds to stack the mesh back into itself, when the screen is extended, a series of tensioning cords keep the mesh in position.

Product Details:

The bottom track is designed to conceal the cords; it is only 11mm tall with rounded profiles that allow easy access for wheelchairs and prams.
The top track is 40mm x 35mm, which is used to prevent the mesh from blowing out of place in the wind.
The handle, as well as the corner fittings at the top and bottom of the doorway, are Black and have been designed to be small and discreet.
Guides are installed to ensure the screen is not prone to blowing out in the event of strong breeze or nudging.
Innovative cord tensioning system.
The Pleated Insect Screens are able to span up to 1.9m wide x 2.5m high, with no interruption of the view.
Due to its versatility, elegance and easy maintenance, pleated screens are becoming the preferred insect screen solution around the world. In addition, as the mesh is pleated it is easily visible as you approach it, therefore you are less likely to walk through it accidentally.